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For over 40 years Rack-king has been supplying our customers with a wide selection of racking products & accessories. With an intimate knowledge of quality guide-lines we take the utmost of care in our process of analysis and installation procedures. Properly storing your stock will make the difference between having an accessible and safe working environment and a messy and time consuming workplace. With hundreds of products in stock you can choose the racking products and accessories you need without compromising your preferences.

What makes us a different kind of provider?

 Not your average supplier, our stock is unique in that we've hand picked each piece that has passed our thorough inspection process with a level of experience that surpasses most. You can't buy experience, but you can use our comprehensive knowledge to your benefit. Choose Rack-King for a superior selection of products and a complete racking installation experience that includes many variable that may be missed by less experienced providers. Don't risk the safety of your staff and product.

A variety of racking products in stock

Variety is the key. To serve our clients properly, we put much effort into acquiring racking products & accessories that are known to equal or surpass industry standards for quality. We also build custom racking systems that fit your needs based on the very unique requirements that are deemed necessary from the assessment of your warehouse. Contractors come to Rack-King when they're looking to stock their required inventory for upcoming jobs.

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