Storage Lockers

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Educational Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are commonly installed in an educational environment for students and staff to store personal belongings securely.
This will include storage lockers for students to store books, jackets, and personal belongings, as well as for staff to store similar items. These types of storage lockers are universally offered from primary school all the way up to university level institutions. The level of customization can be adapted to a specific institutional needs, these commonly include single tier, double tier, and even 6 tier stacked locker systems seen commonly in gyms.  Browse our storage lockers  

Configurations currently in stock include  Locker 12" x 18" x 72" 6 tier of 1, Light Grey, Locker 12" x 18" x 72" 2 tier of 1, Light Grey, Locker 12" x 18" x 72" 1 tier of 1, Light Grey

Gyms - Schools & Public

We're contacted by many schools to setup their locker systems in their gyms for their students, they're usually a simple setup with the main concerns being security and price. With so many public gyms opening up their is a huge need for storage locker rooms. We have found that we've grown from our experiences and can proudly say we're experts at optimizing these types of spaces for our clients. 

Shopping Malls - Stores - Airports

Employees working in shopping malls and stores are on shifting schedules coming and going on a daily basis. To prevent any negative issues regarding safety and security of every staff’s personal belongings, installing storage lockers is a must. Airports also commonly offer paid locker options for visitors, these systems are different in that they have included keys that are accessed by paying each unit. 

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