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We're the Kings of Shelving for a reason

At Rack-king our shelving units are industrial quality and are designed for heavy loads, typically seen in warehouse storage systems. All of our new and used shelving units are testing for durability to ensure the highest quality and to promote safety. Our selection process, and the sheer volume of units we have in stock ensure that when it comes to properly designing you layout needs we'll have the items in stock that will best suit your individual needs. Heavy duty multi-tier shelving units are a great solution for optimized storage solutions. We carry a variety of industry leading brands to choose from, including Metalware, Shelving Republic, Lozier, Dexion, EZ RECT, and more.

Design & Installation

Deciding what the best options are for your individual situation requires a level of finess that's obtained through years of experience working on the job. If your looking to optimize your space and promote easy access and maximum storage space you'll require the right shelving units for the job. Our group of warehouse specialists will completely assess your situation and design a system that will work with you for the long run. If your a contractor looking for product for your job we're sure you'll find our selection to be a good fit for your needs.

Brands You Can Trust. From a supplier you can Trust.