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It's not a mystery that warehouses require racking and shelving to store products, we just happen to specialize in this field. 'For over 40 years Rack-King has worked with many of the largest companies in North America setting up their racking & shelving systems so they can provide their customers with their products efficiently. It's this type of experience that gives us not only the skillset but the necessary stock to maximize your warehouses potential. 


Looking for A Custom Job?

 Every warehouse is unique, and with a little planning you can really get a lot from it. How many levels can you fit, can you put in Mezzanines? How many rows of racking can you fit? What kind of racking do you need? Is there enough room for forklifts to safely navigate the aisles without putting your products and employees at risk? What kind of products will you be stocking? Do you anticipate that your needs will change over the years? Will you require a system that can be expanded? Let Rack-King work with you to anticipate all these questions and more so the job gets done right the first time.


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 Rack-king has a wide selection of premium quality pre-owned and new racking products and accessories from the industries top brands 


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A varying array of high quality shelving products currently in stock. Choose from a variety of brands and galvanized and non-galvanized items. 


Warehouse Accessories

Browse a selection of pole guards, safety clips, dividers, wall spacers, mesh decks, safety bars, and more. 


Design & Installation

A proper optimization of your warehouse will make sure you maximize it's potential and increase the safety of your products and employees.

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