Used Racking - Not A Compromise on Quality

A High Quality & Economical Solution

Used Racking, a Quality Option

Clients Choose Rack-King for their industrial products, used racking is one of those that's in high demand these days. The reason being is that because they are technically 'used' their value dips below that of a brand new system. Although termed 'used', these systems are actually like new in many cases. Each product we pick up first goes through a variety of vigorous quality checks to ensure it's integrity, it's only after that that we will include it in our stock. Basically this means each and every used racking system we have in stock will hold up to the test of time, it'll last much like the new systems while ensuring the safety of your products and of your employees. 

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A Wide Selection of Racking in Stock

With a wide variety of products in stock Rack-King has the options that are needed to maximize your current space. We can utilize a variety of used racking and new customized racking units to form a combined optimized system.  Warehouse design is a huge part of our industry and requires a level of experience that only a specialist will have, Rack-king has over 40 years in the business.

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