Racking for Cannibis

Storage Solutions for Grow Houses

Cannabis Racking

As any industry, the cannabis industry and other plants/ grow houses require a setup that will incorporate their needs for accessible organized environments. Rack-King is pleased to offer a wide variety of highly specialized design and installation services for your current or upcoming operation. A customized approach is used for each project we take on, you'll have the most efficient system setup for your unique space. With the cannabis industry on the rise the demand for cannabis racking systems has increased significantly. Choose a company that is highly experinced with the A-Z of getting you setup properly.

Protect your Plants & Increase productivity

A proper rackinng system in place for your plants will promote safety, meaning we'll install the neccessary safety guards to protect against human error, accidental equipment collissions with your racking system. We realize that your cannabis plants are your business and it's important to keep them safe, along with your employees. A custom cannabis racking system will maximize your space to grow your plants giving you the most productivity possible. Rack-King has been in the racking and shelving business for a long time, choose a name you can trust for your upcoming or current project.

The Last Racking System you'll ever need for your Plants

Every storage system Rack-King installs is customizable, and can be built upon as your needs change. For instance, maybe a year down the line you'll need more space for your cannabis plants Rack-King can customize your system to include more racks. We stand by our products and perform safety and quality checks. Let us work with you to put together a plan to ensure your cannabis racking system will give you a maximimum benefit.

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