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Horticulture Industry

Industrial Plant Racking Systems

Being specialists in racking, we have come across many business applications for our services and this does not exclude the horticulture industry and in some instances the cannabis industry. Industrial grow houses, green houses, all can be optimized with an efficient racking setup to store their plants in multi-tier rows that can be made accessible via either stairways and or mezzanines.  Rack-King has worked with many great companies helping them optimize their space and we believe if you give us a call for a consultation we can do the same for your business.

Have a racking system in place already and not sure what to do? Rack-King can come in and assess your situation, we can decommission and install a new system depending on what would be the most appropriate given your current setup and budget constraints. With a growing interest in the cannabis growing industry on the industrial level, Rack-King has taken onto itself to become a specialist in systems designed to improve all aspects of a growing operation of any size. 

Applications for racking systems in the horticulture industry include:

  • Cannabis vertical growing systems
  • Turnkey vertical farming solutions
  • Greenhouses
  • Multi-Functional, High-Density Shelving Solutions
  • Mobile Systems
  • & more...

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