PSR: More than Compliance; it's good for business.
22 December, 2016 by

OHSA R.R.O 1990, Regulation 851, Section 7 for Industrial Establishments requires a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) for installing new racking; installing used racking; and configuring or modifying existing racking.

These PSRs for racking aren’t just tools for compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, they’re the basis for smart business decisions and operations.

First of all, non-compliance with OHSA can result in penalties, creating an avoidable costs, as well damaged reputations, for corporations and individuals. The PSR for racking is a written document, signed and sealed by a professional engineer. It generally contains allowable load capacities as well as measures to be taken.

The inspection of existing racking identifies safety concerns and deficiencies, which are not only physically dangerous to employees, but also threaten damage to your inventory and facilities. This service from a company such as Trigger Point will provide a written document of the inspection that includes current deficiencies, recommends corrective action, and provides allowable load capacities, where necessary.

All of this information is invaluable in determining new and ongoing requirements for systems that function safely and efficiently. It helps in selecting new racks and shelving, as well as identifies the value or deficiencies of used racking. The Engineer’s reports keep documentation up-to-date for compliance. They also minimize the problems of a undesirable Ministry of Labour (MOL) Work Order for racking, which generally involves submission of an engineer’s report.  And, monthly, quarterly, or annual rack inspections promote regular maintenance, which greatly reduces the risk of racking related accidents.

A proper PSR complies with OHSA regulations, reduces risks to employees and equipments, helps maintain your investments, and identifies needs for repairs, replacement, or additional equipment. It’s smart business all the way around.